Storm DeVries Book 2

Publication date: December 2023
Editions: Paperback, ebook

A Latent Sex Scandal. An Underground Network. A Lawyer In Trouble.

After three decorated soldiers are accused of the brutal gang-rape of a private, military lawyer Storm DeVries is selected to represent the Army in an Article 32 investigation.

Upon her arrival in Bavaria, Storm advises the brass that the evidence is too thin. But the Army is eager to indict, if for no other reason than to get Congress off its back, and it can only do that by prosecuting more sex offenders, not less.

However, a celebrity defense lawyer, with his love for the media spotlight and the support of a few interest groups, isn’t about to let the Army use his clients as its political football. It doesn’t take long for Storm to realize that everyone has an agenda, and no one is interested in the truth, not to mention justice.

As Storm dives deeper into the investigation, an underground network begins to surface, along with a latent sex scandal and a puppet master with some old scores to settle. It’s down to Storm to sort out who the real victims are, but in this nest of vipers, she’ll need to figure out how without becoming a victim herself.

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